Tuesday, September 13, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Picnic Wedding: Video Display Table

Have you missed the other vintage picnic wedding tutorials? Check out the boxed lunch tags here, the pennant banners here, here, and here and the cake and cake topper here.

So there's something else (other than this) that you should know about my mom.

She LOVES antique furniture. And she loves to refinish antique furniture. About 90% of the furniture in my parent's home is beautifully refinished. As Mom and Sister were planning the vintage outdoor picnic reception, they started to realize that there were so many antique pieces that could be creatively used.

This is just one of them.

This is an old newspaper print piece. Back in the day, they stored all of the small letters and characters in a piece of furniture like this. There are about 8 drawers with tiny little compartments in each one.

We decided that it would be cool to use this piece for the wedding video display table...but we spiced it up with a little love.

First we cut squares that would fit into each of the compartments. Then we borrowed the talents of a friend (and a cricket cutter) to cut out the letter.

And we used good old Elmer's glue...

...to stick the letters to the scrapbook paper squares.

And tucked them right inside the drawers.

Pretty sweet eh?

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