Friday, August 26, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Picnic Wedding: No-Sew Pennant Banners Part 1

What did you think of the wedding tags here? They will pop up again when I show you the overview of the whole wedding put together, but until then, just keep reading and putting the pieces together. Its like a 500 piece puzzle. It will take a little bit of time.

P.S. Sorry about the dark pictures. Sometimes night time is my only crafting time. I am sure you know how that goes!

My sister wanted some pennant banners for some of the tables and to hang over the dance floor. Something to jazz things up. I didn't want to spend FOREVER on them because I had to make so many. I decided to go with a no-sew banner. Nice and easy, even when you have to make 300 small pendants and 120 big ones. 

Here is the fabric the bride picked out (with the discoloration from the flash...sorry!)

To start, I figured out how big I wanted the pennants and made two pattern pennants out of paper. I taped them together to make a diamond. 

Diamond (two triangles taped together)

Triangle (diamond folded in half)

Since I wanted the pennants double-sided, I folded my fabric in half. Using the paper patterns, I made small dots on all the points of the pattern on the fabric. Can you see one in the picture below?

Once I had all the points made, I used my ruler and rotary cutter to cut out a bunch of diamonds at once.

IMPORTANT: Can you see the two different shapes in the picture above? I used the triangle shape (the diamond pattern folded in half) when I was cutting on a fold. That way, when I open those up, each one will be a diamond. Each diamond shape above will actually give me two diamonds because the fabric is doubled over. Clear as mud?

When I had the knack down, I started cutting more than one fabric at a time.

Once I had all of my large diamonds....

and small diamonds cut, I headed to the ironing board.

I folded each pennant in half and ironed them flat.

And then I set them aside because frankly, I was tired of pennant banners.

Click here for part 2 for one way to attach the pennants and here for part 3 for the final post about pennant banners.

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