Wednesday, August 24, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Picnic Wedding: Boxed Lunch Tags

Recently I think I developed carpal tunnel. I'm over it now, but boy did I have sore forearms. Have you ever punched out 1,000 circles over the course of a few days? I have. Actually, I take that back. I made the Mr. help me near the end because I couldn't take it any longer. And the pain was totally worth it in the end.

For my sisters wedding, she wanted boxed lunches. Picnic style. As we were brainstorming ideas for a bow/tie/tag/sticker for the boxes, I came up with this idea. I recently attended my brother-in-laws wedding where they included a little fact about the bride and groom in a small gift they gave each guest. That was my favorite part about the whole lunch (although the food was fabulous).

So, I suggested we make tags for the lunch boxes and put a little fact on the back of each one.

First, we purchased a discounted stack of scrapbooking paper in the brides colors. I had to trim them down so they would fit in my printer. 

Next, I figured out what size circles we wanted. I purchased two punches. One was 2" and the other was 2.5". I created an Adobe Illustrator document with the facts that the bride and groom thought up and printed them on the back of the scrap booking paper.

Next I gave myself sore arms by punching out all 500 facts with the 2.5" punch.

This is what they look like from the front.

I also designed the front of the tag in Illustrator and printed those on Kraft card stock. 

And gave myself carpal tunnel by punching almost all 500 circles with the 2" punch. (Thanks to Mr. Candid for saving my arms.)

After tying them on the boxed lunches with a piece of twine, I think they added a nice touch.

And the guests had plenty to talk about when they discovered one of the 12 different facts on the back.

And...I don't really have carpal tunnel. And the guests really did love the tags. 

I'm telling ya. Its the details that matter.

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