Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Child Protective Services?

How've ya been during the past few weeks?
I admit. 
If you were my children, someone could have called the child protective services a long time ago. I have been neglecting you (my dear readers) for quite some time. 


It must stop. It is going to stop. 
I am finally back in the way.too.hot.for.words.Texas after quite a busy stay in Utah. 
I turn in my last assignments before I graduate with an MPH this Friday.


I have a million posts up my sleeve. 
Anything from how to put on a completely beautiful vintage picnic reception (many many posts on this one friends) to how to clean your car mats for CHEAP.


Want a sneak peak of the beautiful bride?

Sorry....I couldn't show the actual bride because the dress needs a post to itself. 
Specially since the mother made it. 
Boy was it beautiful.


Check back.
I'll be here.

I promise.

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