Monday, August 29, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Picnic Wedding: No-Sew Pennant Banners Part 2

Did you see the no-sew pennant banners part 1 here?

I attached the banners I made in part 1 a few different ways. Today, I am going to show you what we did with the larger pennants. We made these to hang over the dance floor of my sisters gorgeous vintage picnic wedding.  

First, we measured out the twine (with about 12 inches extra on the end to tie it) and tied it between 2 chairs. 

Then we spaced the banners along the twine.

And right when we were finished, the wind picked  and blew half of them off. Go figure! We spaced the banners again and secured them with a clothespin. Take that wind!

While one person (me) held the two tips of the diamond,

the other person (bride-to-be) applied a light covering of spray glue on the inside.

I then matched the points at the bottom,

And slide my fingers up the triangle to adhere the glue.

As we went along, we found that many of our triangles were curling up at the bottom. We started leaving the tip of the triangle un-glued and that fixed the problem.

And here is the final post about the no-sew pennant banners.

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