Thursday, September 8, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Ode to Scotch Guard and Mom

While we were prepping for the Vintage Picnic Wedding (check out some of the tutorials here...and watch for more throughout the coming posts), I couldn't keep up with Mom. 

She was project crazy. 
One second she would be working on wedding stuff and the next she was out scotch guarding the pillows, or washing her car mats (that one's coming up soon). I felt camera happy just trying to keep up with everything she was doing. 

And I thought I liked projects. This woman left me in the dust.

Here is a little tip that she shared. With 8 kids in the house growing up, she learned to love scotch guard. (She even took my wedding dress into the shower and sprayed that sucker down before I wore it for my bridals. And I bet you guessed that before the little sister headed out the door to her bridals, she whipped it out again. Never can get enough scotch guard.


Mom took off all the cushion covers (and used a marker on the inside tag to number them so she would know which cushion went with which) and all the pillow covers.  She washed them in the washing machine on cold. 

Then she tumble dried on low, ironed those suckers, put the cushions back inside, and took them out to be scotch guarded. 

She sprayed one light coat (holding the can about 10 inches from the fabric), waited for it to dry, and then did another. She says multiple light coats are better than one heavy coat. And I believe her. 'Cause clearly she's the scotch guard master.

And because she is project happy and I couldn't keep up with her, I only have an after picture. But you should have seen them before.

So there it is. And ode to scotch guard. And Mom.

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