Tuesday, September 6, 2011

˚little bit about me˚ Would you like that?

How was your long Labor Day weekend? Ours consisted of playing in a lake that was so dried up that the water line was well below the marked off swimming area. Thank you Texas drought. Oh how we need rain. Like really bad. We came away with zero pictures, a sunburn, and a happy memory in our brains (and maybe a little sick bug--I'm feeling a little under the weather today).

On the bright side, the temperature dropped to 62 degrees last night and it was only 90-something today. It is amazing how 90-something feels completely refreshing when you are coming from 108. Texas summers.


I was just wondering if you (my dear readers) would enjoy a couple a ˚little bit about me˚ posts every now and again? I don't know. Just some fun random facts?

Would you like that? Not sure? How about an example?

When my two older brothers graduated, they each got to pick some extreme sport to try with my dad. I think one of them went paragliding and other other went skydiving (don't quote me on that though). When I graduated, I wasn't about to let my dad forget about his tradition, so I went skydiving--and I loved it. The scariest part was riding up in the rickety plane. I am sure the chances of us crashing the plane were way higher than any injury inflicted from skydiving. Although, I was the last person to jump out of the plane and the first to land. Which means that I fell further than my two friends before my parachute opened. Apparently my jump master (as they like to call them) pulled our parachute and it was tangled. He did some fancy twisting and it finally opened all the way. Of course I was oblivious to the whole thing until we landed safely. 

Would I go again? 

Yup. For sure.

Except that I got a little carsick after our parachute was pulled and we were doing all sorts of fancy tricks in the air. I'm one of those girls. The Mr. had to learn that early on in our relationship. But that's for another time.

So there you have it. A ˚little bit about me˚ post. Do you want some more? 

Let me know by clicking on the little link below that says "candid reactions". Cause that's what we do around here. And while I'm asking favors, click on the follow button on the right sidebar if you haven't already. 

It'll make my under-the-weather day.


  1. Yes I want to know a little more about you. :)

  2. I would love it because you (and Dan...I guess:)) are so AWESOME!

  3. There are people like me who read your blog to steal your identity. Please share all that you can.


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