Tuesday, June 24, 2014

˚recipe˚ Chicken Avocado Alfredo Noodles

Whenever I do our big, weekly grocery shopping trip with Little Man, I come home exhausted. I think it is all the entertaining I have to do to keep the little guy in the cart. And I usually grab the wrong thing for a few things on my list. Crushed pineapple instead of chucked; diced tomatoes with herbs instead of plain diced tomatoes. The Mr. thinks it is kind of funny. I will be a huge mess when I have more than just one little kid to juggle.

Anyway, on those days, I like something fast and easy for dinner. That is where this meal comes into play. (Other quick meal ideas are here, here, and here).

And sometimes I even leave out the chicken (if I need something really easy). 

To make it, boil some water and get your noodles cooking. Then brown some chicken.

Cut up two tomatoes and an avocado into chunks.

And mix it all together with some of your favorite Alfredo sauce. Add some Parmesan and dig in. 

And you might enjoy this meal a little more knowing it was super easy to make.

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