Monday, June 16, 2014

tutorial: An Easier Apron (from a dish towel)

Do you remembethis tutorial to make an easy apron from a dish towel?

Well, how about an even easier apron from a dish towel?

To make this one, find a large dish towels with a cute pattern and get some matching ribbon too. Make sure the pattern doesn't need to face a certain direction. We are going to be using this dish towel horizontally instead of vertically like the last one. Find the top middle of your dish towel and place a pin there. 

Now work outwards and make small tucks with the fabric to create some pleats. Just fold the fabric over itself about 1/2 inch and pin. If you want to measure and be fancy like that you can. I just eyeballed it. Place a pin at the top of each pleat to hold it in place. 

Can you see the pleat below?

Take your ribbon and pin it where your center pin was. Make sure that the top of the ribbon matches the top of the dish towel. Continue working outwards until you have pinned the top edge of the towel. Make sure the ends of the ribbon are long enough to wrap around your waist and tie in a bow. 

Now sew along the top edge of your ribbon using the same color thread as your ribbon. Make sure you catch the pleats in your stitch.

Then sew along the bottom edge. 

Seal the ends of the ribbon with a match or lighter (just like you did here). And try it on. Cute and quick!

Now go make something yummy. Like these, or these!

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  1. I <3 your apron Kate!!!! Pinned following your shop too:)


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