Monday, May 9, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Applique

Sometimes the word applique makes me think of old people. No offense. It just does. But, applique can be young and hip too. For example, check out this adorable onsie:

Want to learn how?

First, cut the shapes you want out of fabric and fusible web.

If you are using one sided fusible web, iron the fabric to the fusible web. (If you use double sided fusible web, don't iron anything quite yet.)

Next, pin the shapes onto the onsie. If you are using double sided fusible web, you don't have to pin your fabric to the onsie, you can just iron all three layers right on.)

Using an applique stitch (zig-zag stitch works great too) sew the shapes onto the onsie.

For my little poppies, I wanted to sew on a stem. I just stitched two straight lines up to the circles. As you can see, it kind of bunches the fabric. 

If you iron the onsie, the fabric will shrink right up and look great.

Easy, and adorable. I like it.

And if you want to add a little more love to the onsie bum, check out this tutorial:

Oh so cute!

 Applique is the same technique I used here

And click here for a baby boy applique onsie. 

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