Monday, May 2, 2011

˚thrifty tip˚ Ziplock Bags

This trick is one I learned from my mother. Growing up, we always had sandwich bags without zip lock closures on them. We only had the fold-over-the-flap-and-hope-everything-doesn't-spill-out kind. Zip lock bags were way more expensive. 

Well, I married the Mr. and was finally old enough to make some of my own decisions. We decided to go with zip lock bags instead of the fold-over-the-flap-and-hope-everything-doesn't-spill-out kind.

And...they are more expensive. In order to remedy the situation, we will actually turn gently used zip lock bags inside out and wash them.

Then we lovingly hang them on our knife block to dry. Once they are dry, we flip them right side out and off we go. This trick might not be worth it to you for the small sandwich bags, but it saves a pretty penny when you wash and reuse gently used gallon bags. 

Thanks for the tip Mom!
Disclaimer: About 90% of the stuff I post here I learned from my mom. And I'm not just sayin' that because it's Mother's Day this Sunday (little reminder for you)!

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