Monday, June 27, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Applique (Continued)

Do you remember the applique tutorial from here? Well, I wanted to share a boy idea using the same technique. These are great (inexpensive) gifts for baby showers. For these ones, I just added a tie and bow tie on each one.


 The matching shoes makes the set so adorable. You can find many different shoe patterns online. Trust me. Go to and search baby shoes. You won't be disappointed! 

The best part about these gifts is that they were literally made the night before a baby shower. And...I didn't have a card or wrapping paper. Creativity saved me on that one.

A square piece of matching fabric with a button sewed onto a small piece of card stock did the trick. 

And I took matching fabric and wrapped it around the onsies, shoes, and card and secured it with a button in lieu of wrapping paper. At the baby shower, everyone doted over the package while I laughed at the fact that what they thought was a well planned out matching gift was actually an act of desperation. Ha!

And because I used scraps that I already had, and the whole thing cost me about $4. 


p.s. Just saw baby wearing the outfit. He was as cute as could be...
but I think that had something to do with his chunky legs...

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