Friday, June 24, 2011

˚projects˚ A Wedding is Coming...

My little sister is getting married in August. I will say that it has been rather fun to be a spring board for her to bounce ideas off of. 

Her wedding will be beautiful. I just know it. (Mostly because she is my mother's daughter...and mom is quite creative.)

I wanted to help with the wedding in whatever way I could. Its sort of lame being far from the sis as she plans it, but she has so graciously let me be in charge of a few fun things as she goes along. She let me design her wedding invite (with her guidance of course). I will show you that later. 

But, I wanted to show you a little something (three somethings actually) that I whipped up and mailed off a few days ago. (note: whipped up is definitely an exaggeration). It was a clothing re-purpose from this $10 clearance shirt from Kohl's (and don't worry...I used a coupon too). This is the shirt in blue. I used a white one instead. My sister and mom are planning on tea-dying it.

After a little research....a little sketching....and a lot of planning. I turned the shirt into this (three different times!)

 Three little dresses for three adorable girls.

Complete with a lining....

And ruffles...

And button holes (buttons to be added after the tea-dying will occur).

And I just love them.

And so did my sister and mom when they opened the package. Phew!

Want a tutorial? Not this time. I will give you one the next time I make something like this. Trust me...I learned a lot!  

So what do you think? 
One step closer to a beautiful August wedding.

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  1. aren't you a smarty pants!?! I forgot that you had this NEW fancy blog! I am loving reading all your creative ideas and posts! GOOD WORK! and these dresses are SO darling!!
    Congrats to your sister! (on her wedding AND for having you as her sister!) :)


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