Wednesday, October 26, 2011

˚little bit about me˚ Halloween Last Year

How about a last minute Halloween idea?

Last year, our church did a trunk or treat. There was a trunk decorating contest, and since the Mr. is not so keen an Halloween, I thought if I could get a few friends involved, he would like it a little bit more. After countless minutes of brainstorming, this is what we came up with:

UP the Movie! Do you see the shower curtains hanging off the sides as our sails? We had the Doug (the dog), Grandpa, Russell (the boy scout), and Kevin (the bird).

How did we do?

 And we made a little campfire with a fan and streamers.

Instead of giving out candy, we gave out balloons. We purchased a disposable helium tank and blew up about 50 balloons for the top of our car. We gave out balloon animals too, so the kids were able to choose between a helium balloon, a balloon crown, or a balloon sword.

The kids LOVED it.

And...we won the grand prize...WAHOO!

My costume was $5.50 to make, and the Mr. wore a boy scout uniform. He was a sport to be Russell.

I bought a large yellow t-shirt from goodwill and cut out felt pieces (purchased by the yard) as the feathers. 

I made the head out of a hanger, felt, and pipe cleaners.

And in the end, we payed less than it would have been to buy a bunch of candy.

So...there you have it.

Halloween...UP style.

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