Wednesday, September 21, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Picnic Wedding: Two Kinds of Bows

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Have you ever felt like you have done something so many times you might literally explode? Me neither. Just asking.

I did, however, make lots and lots of bows for the vintage picnic wedding. Today, I am going to show you two different (and simple) ways to make bows.

The first is a double bow out of this stuff:

Does anyone remember what it is called? It is totally slipping my mind right now....

Um.......ah ha! Tulle. That's right. 

To make this bow use a long piece of tulle (the one in the picture is all connected into one long strand).

Wrap it around the back of the object and tie a normal bow like you would a shoelace. And if you don't know how to tie your own shoelaces yet, I really can't help ya.

Now take the tails of the bow you just made and tie another bow, just like the last one. You will have to play with the tension and placement of the knot to get them close to each other.

(Can you see the two knots in the picture below?)

And that's it! Either keep the loops spread apart, like this:

Or adjust the tulle so your bow looks a little more full, like this:

For the second bow, you will need ribbon and crafting wire.

Get a large piece of ribbon and fold it up in the center (so the tails are about equal), like this:

I am showing you a two loop bow, but you can add as many loops as you want. Just remember, the more loops you have, the more ribbon you need.

Take a piece of crafting wire (about 4 inches long) and wrap it around the middle of the bow. Twist the ends to keep the bow and wire in place.

Now, take one of the tails and wrap it around to create a center piece to cover the wire. Adjust the wire so it comes out of the back of the bow and twist it around the tails of the bow (right behind the center piece) to keep everything in place. And that's it!

And just so you know, we have about three more wedding tutorials before the big reveal. Are you excited? I can't wait to show you everything all put together!

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  1. Wow - so pretty.. I love them.. Found ya on hop/linky party, officially following with smiles.. Great blog you have here & I can't wait to read more.. I'm Marilyn from - hope you can stop in sometime.. :)) TY


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