Friday, September 23, 2011

˚little bit about me˚ Hate is a Strong Word

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I am not a big fan of the word hate. It seems to be a little too definitive. When I was little, I am sure I said things like, "I hate onions. I hate practicing piano. I hate mustard. I hate going to sleep. I hate feta cheese. I hate split pea soup. I hate you!"

The truth is, I don't hate onions, I wish I had more time to practice the piano, I really don't mind some kinds of mustard, I love going to sleep, I love feta cheese, and I have tasted some really good split pea soup. Oh...and I love you too! 

Most of the time I try to use the word dislike instead. Because really, what are the chances that I will learn to like something. Pretty high right?

Well, there is one thing in my life that I HATE!


That's right folks. Soggy bread.

(This pictures is literally making me sick. And I know you think I'm joking...but I'm not. Does anyone have a trashcan?)

I literally gag if I ever have to touch soggy bread. Poopy diapers? No problem. Soggy bread? Get me outta there!

So, my kids (when I have them...eventually) better not put their half eaten sandwiches in the sink to sit and bloat....

Uck. I think I need to be done now. 

Is there anything that you hate. Like really really hate?


  1. I hate pruny skin. I know it is strange. I don't like taking long showers or being in water for too long because I can't stand my fingers being pruny! This is partly why it is Cole's job to give the kids a bath too... I don't like other peoples' pruny fingers either!

  2. lol same but in more private areas


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