Friday, September 16, 2011

˚giveaway˚ FREE for one of my dear readers...

I am sort of in a slump. A blogging slump. Don't get me wrong, I love to create and I love to blog about my creations, but sometimes I wonder who the heck (if anyone) is reading this. 

I know I can go onto my blog stats to check out how many page views I get a day, and which posts are the most popular, and if my readers are using Internet Explorer or Chrome....but honestly, those are just numbers. 

I want to know the people who read my blog (you). So let me know who you are. Would ya?

Alright. Done with the pity party.

Do you remember this giveaway? Well, I am sad to say that the winner never contacted me for the prize. Sorry Andrea! (I even sent her an email from an old address I had. Apparently its the wrong email.) Sad day for Andrea. Happy day for the rest of you. 

So here it is.

...The Owen Snuggly Bear PDF Pattern and materials to make it!
(minky, satin, ribbon, and batting)

Affectionately called the Owen Snuggy or Ghost Bear by the Mr. 

A few details:

This little bear snuggly measures approximately 18" x 18" when complete and makes the perfect companion for any little one. The small size makes it easy to fit inside a diaper bag or purse. With minky on one side and 100% polyester satin on the other, the Owen Bear Snuggly is as soft as can be. Machine washable. 

The PDF pattern includes over 30 pages of instruction full of detailed descriptions and tons of pictures. Some sewing experience is a plus, but the instructions are detailed for even the most beginner sewers. 

For more details, check him out here.

You want it (and the materials to make it)? For FREE?

For one entry...publicly follow my blog (on the right sidebar) and leave a comment telling me that you did/do.

For another entry...put my button somewhere on your blog and leave another comment telling me you did/do. To do this, open the layout tab on your blog and add an html gadget to your sidebar. Copy the html code underneath my button on the candidly-kate sidebar and paste it in your html gadget. 

For another entry, post about this giveaway on your own blog, facebook, pinterest, ect. or send an email to someone you know would love to win the pattern and materials and leave a comment telling me you did.

And for the last entry, tell me who you would make the Owen Snuggly Bear for. (You can also give the pattern and materials package as a gift...just an idea for all you non-sewers out there!)

Four chances to win the pattern and the materials to make the Owen Snuggly Bear. 

The giveaway will close Saturday, September 24th at midnight and the winner will be announced on Monday, September 26th

I hope you win!

P.S. I don't want to see any comments from you Mr. Candid. People will think I rigged it if you win! PLUS, we both know that you don't sew. Although, I could teach you if you wanted. How 'bout that?


  1. I would make it for my baby :)

  2. And I sent an email to my sister who is getting into sewing to tell her about your blog/this giveaway!

  3. Mary (my sister) told me about your blog! Love it! I put it on my favorites bar so that I can follow it. :-) The bear is adorable!

  4. Hey Katie! Shar here... love this blog! I think that you need to post a few more pictures of Annie's wedding, and her gorgeous dress! I wish I could have been there to see her, and you of course! I am a follower of Candidly, and would love to win the Owen Bear.

  5. I would make it for my sister-in-law about to have her first baby. I need a really cute gift to send to her and this looks just right!! BTW - When did you get to be so dang crafty? Oh wait... you always have been good at it.

  6. I want that! I follow your blog publicly :) This is Lacey D. just in case it doesn't show my name!

  7. I also posted this on facebook!

  8. I would give everything to my mom who would then make it and give it back to me for my 6 month old :)

  9. I think I would make it for strider. I think it is so cute

  10. I like your blog miss Kate! I just think you should know that :)

  11. and i thought i was the only one who leaves comments!

  12. You know me!! And I do follow your blog.... and you remember cute adorable Reagan, she is in love with dolls, bears, animals, etc. So this adorable bear would be her new love and probably would snuggle it every night!!

  13. I follow your blog.
    cindysmith032680 at gmail dot com

  14. I would make this for the little one that we are expecting to enter our family in February 2012!

  15. I follow the blog with a different email address than this one. I love all of the tips and I LOVE the tutorials and seeing all the cool things you can make!

  16. I would make this for my little boy. He loves his little bear he has right now, and is extremely attached to his blanket- I'd love to give him both in one so there wasn't so much to carry around!

  17. I would make this for my new baby ( that is now enjoying the onesies made from your awesome tutorial ).:-)

  18. I would make it for my baby-on-the-way.


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