Monday, June 13, 2011

˚thrifty tip˚ Saving Water without Knowing it

Do you like saving money? Me too! How would you like a thrifty tip everyday this week? can expect it.

I like to conserve water. I do believe we should try to be conservative as we use the earth for our benefit. I also hate to waste. But mostly, I like a small water bill. are a few tips we use around here to save water without even noticing.

1. Of course you can get energy efficient everything, but while we are in a rental (and poor starving students) that isn't going to cut it for us. Instead of investing in an expensive water efficient toilet, we fill up a water bottle about half way with rocks and water....

And put it in the corner of the toilet tank (excuse my gross toilet tank....rental....what more can I say...except that the toilets in my house will never look like that....hmmmm.)

Saves a bit of water every time you flush.

NOTE: Be sure you fill the water bottle up with something heavy. If not, the bottle will just sort of float around until it gets stuck in the flapper and makes your water run all the time (HUGE WASTE).

2. Invest in a water saving shower head  (I believe ours was about $20). Our uses 1/2 the amount of water as a normal shower head. Yes, the pressure is slightly less than a normal one, but it was either that, or take showers that are half as long... and we love our long showers (especially the Mr.)!

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  1. Hi, Kate! I'd love to try your first tip! Like you, I'm also renting and as much as I want to, I can't just invest in an expensive, water efficient toilet. I'll surely do this one and see how much it can help me conserve water. Less water consumption always means a lot of savings. Thanks again!


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