Tuesday, June 14, 2011

˚thrifty tip˚ Air Vents

Although it takes an extra minute in the morning or evening, adjusting your air vents is a great way to keep certain parts of the house more cool/warm than others...and save a little dough on the electric bill.

(Don't you love the old school vents and popcorn ceiling in our rental?....sigh.)

Closing the vents in the rooms that remain unused during the day can significantly reduce the amount of time your A/C or heat is running. When Mr. Candid and I wake up, we close the vents upstairs directing all the air downstairs (where I am most of the day). In the evening, we open up our vent, and keep the vent open in the room with the thermostat. Everything else is closed. This pushes the air to places it is needed most.

And if you are gone during the day, invest in a programmable thermostat ($50-$70) that will turn off during the day while you are gone, and kick on just in time for the house to cool/heat by the time you come back home.

Mmmm....I love saving money :)

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