Wednesday, June 15, 2011

˚thrifty tip˚ Using Your Fans Correctly

Did you know that most ceiling fans have a winter and a summer setting. They can usually be changed by switching the little black knob (seen in the picture below) up or down. Usually when the knob is up, the air is blowing up. So naturally, when the knob is down, the air is blowing down. (Pretty sure you would have figured that one out.)

When to use each setting is sort of counterintuative. One might think that having the air blowing down on them in the summer is the best. Then you get the nice breeze. But....lets think of it in terms of where hot/cool air likes to go. Hot air rises, so during the summer, you want to draw the cool air up. So your fan should be pushing air up. During the winter, you want to draw the warm air down, so your fan should be pushing air down. Clear as mud? I thought so. It might surprise you how much it helps to run ceiling fans and air/heat at the same time. Keeps the air (whether hot or cool) circulated...which is something we need here in our 100˚ for-past-few-weeks Texas summers. Ugg!

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