Wednesday, June 4, 2014

tutorial: Easy and Quick Jingle Bell Instruments

Mr. Candid and I are in charge of the 18 month-2.5 year olds at our church for two hours. It is actually quite exhausting and completely fun. At the end of our time together we have a singing time with someone who comes in. During music time, she gives each child a little flashlight and we turn off the lights and sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; I am like a Star; and This Little Light of Mine. Little Man talks about it all week. He loves it. 

Since we have such a long time together, I decided that we should do a different music time. I wanted a few little musical instruments, so I made some egg shakers and these quick and easy jingle bells.

I tried it out last week and the kids loved it. (And it helped to break up all of our time together).

To make the jingle bells instruments, I purchased two small dowels and a bag of 48 jingle bells (6 mm) at Joann's. This made enough for 12 instruments. I already had the pipe cleaners. The total cost for all of it was about $5. 

To make the jingle bell instruments, I sawed the long dowels into 6 pieces each. They were really easy to cut. Then I lightly sanded the bottom and top to make sure that there were no sharp parts. 

Then I drilled two holes in the top. I used a drill bit that was just big enough to fit a pipe cleaner. The first hole was about 1/2 inch from the top. 

Then I turned the dowel 90 degrees and drilled a second hole about 1/4 inch from the first one. Can you see the two holes in the picture below?

Then I strung about 4 inches of the pipe cleaner through the bottom hole and strung two jingle bells on it. 

Then I wrapped the pipe cleaner around to poke it through the top hole. 

And I pulled both sides of the pipe cleaner tight.

Next I strung two bells onto the end of the pipe cleaner.

And pulled those tight too.

Then I took the two ends of the pipe cleaners and twisted them together to secure the bells well.

Then I began wrapping the pipe cleaner around the dowel underneath the bell. I made sure to tuck the poky end underneath.

Then I crossed over and wrapped the pipe cleaner around the dowel above the bells.

And tucked the end underneath.


And then I did it a few more times!

If you need an easy, fun project for the kiddos this summer, try these out! Then dance the long summer days away with your new jingle bell instruments!

Stay tuned for the egg shaker tutorial and don't forget to check out where I party.

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