Saturday, May 3, 2014


Is my 21 month old the only one who loves that Katy Perry song? He always says, "find roar" and he keeps saying that through the entire beginning of the song until it gets to the part where she sings "rooa-a-a-a-arrr". Then he loves it.


Announcing another pattern my friends. This makes 11 pages out of 12 up and ready to by purchased and sewn and loved on (by your little ones of course). 

Daniel and the Lion’s Den features a colorful page with a lion’s mouth that opens and closes. Peek inside and count his teeth!

Only one more story to go (plus the front and back of the cover and the front and back of the back page). Do you want a sneak peak of the last page? 

Alright, you convinced me. 

Any guesses on that Bible story? I guess you will just have to wait and find out!

Check out the shop to see the other 10 stories that are available. Which one is your favorite? And if you adore them, be a dear and pin it will you?

Last, don't forget to check out where I party!

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