Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oh the poor little ram.

That poor little ram hiding in the bushes doesn't even know what is coming! Here is the Abraham and Isaac quiet book page. This activity page is perfect for a toddler who needs a quiet distraction. Combine it with any of my other activity pages to create a customized quiet time book. Abraham and Isaac features a colorful page with belts that need looping and an alter with texture.  

Hurry, the coupon KATE20 ends on 4/25. Use it to get 20% off your purchase in the shop.


  1. This is great! Your sewing is so neat and perfect! How do you bind the pages? I am always curious what methods other people use. I'm off to check out your other pages!

    1. Thank you Alicia! I will soon have a pattern up for the cover and the back of the bible book that hold it together. I just sew together two pages along the white border and then I use overall clips that go from the back cover to the front. This keeps all the pages in between without "binding" them. I like to have the pages loose because I often just grab a few when we are heading somewhere. The other advantage is that you can pass the pages out to multiple kids and everyone is happy and hopefully quiet ;)

      Check out in the next week or so for some photos and the pattern!


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