Friday, November 18, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Cheap DIY Car Mat Cleaning

This summer while I was preparing for the picnic vintage wedding found here, Mom showed me all sorts of great tips and tricks. One day, amid all of the hustle and bustle, I found her in her bathroom scrubbing the car mats in the tub

I thought she was crazy.
The wedding was only days away and she was cleaning the car mats. Really?


...her cleaning tip was so appealing that the Mr. and I headed home and gave it a try. And it was amazing!

Our mats were pretty nasty.

 But we put them in the bathtub with enough warm water to barely cover the mat. Then we dumped in a bit of our favorite carpet cleaning stuff. (This stuff is amazing...and no one is paying me to say that. It does wonders on the car seats and other upholstery.)


Then we took turns scrubbing our brains out with a handy dandy scrub brush. And the water got disgusting. Really disgusting.

We rinsed and rinsed and rinsed while one of us used the scrub brush to push the water out of the mat--almost like a little squeegee.

And we hung them out to dry until the next day.

And then we cleaned out our bathtub!

When Mom did it, she laid them flat on the deck. They still dried, but it took a few days. Whatever suits your fancy will work just fine.

So...after all the wintery slush, grab your scrub brush and make it look like you just paid $100 to have your car mats cleaned.


  1. Car mat covers are essential; in car as they saves car from dust and dirt of shoes and keep interior of car in well manner, in my opinion dual car mats are best for cars and they shouldn't be bulky and must be easy to clean.

  2. I take my car mats to the Laundromat and put them in the large machine. They come
    nice and scrubbing.


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