Wednesday, October 12, 2011

˚recipe˚ Fruit with a Twist

Oh boy! After five doctor's visits in three days (hence the lack of posts over the past few days) the Mr. is doing much better. If you're wondering, he dislocated his kneecap which sprained his MCL. When his kneecap re-located, it slammed into the bottom edge of his femur and cracked it a bit. All within about 1 second. Phew!

And so I'm back and I have a husband who is doing much better.

We love to get together with friends, but sometimes we have a hard time knowing what to bring to snack on. As I've mentioned before, the Mr. really isn't into sweets, but we try to make it something that he will enjoy too. And boy does he love fruit!

These suckers are really easy...

Cube the fruit and put it on the skewers (kids love to do this, but be careful of the sharp end of the skewer). Place the skewers over a casserole dish or pan so they can be easily rotated.

Melt the chocolate according to the directions and use a spoon (or a plastic baggie with a hole cut in the corner) to drizzle chocolate over the fruit. Rotate the skewers and drizzle the other side. Once dry, place them on a platter and enjoy!
(As far as the chocolate goes, make sure you get candy bark, candy coating or melting chocolate.)

And don't expect to come home with any leftovers!

P.S. I have been working away on the final posts for the vintage picnic wedding series. (One about the day before the wedding and one with the VINTAGE PICNIC WEDDING REVEAL!) They are coming very soon! I just have to finish sorting through the 700 pictures I have to decide which ones you would enjoy!


  1. these look really good and I can't wait to see the pictures of the reception. I haven't seen any.

  2. i'm trying to figure out how you got all those fruit bits to be close to the same size...ergh.

  3. This is how I cut the fruit to make it about the same size (although I am not sure if it is necessary).

    Pineapple: chucked from a can
    Strawberries: cut in half if they were large, left alone if they were small
    Peaches: cut into slices, then cut the slices in half to make chunks
    Oranges: pealed and seperated into slices, cut the slices in half to make chunks.

    Hope that helps!


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