Wednesday, September 28, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Picnic Wedding: Making Signs

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One big part of the picnic wedding was the signs to tell the guests where everything was. And although I don't have step by step pictures, this is how the bride made them:

1. First, she painted them with primer. 

2. Next, she painted them with Elmer's glue (really truly) and she didn't let it dry all the way before she painted them with a cream color. She let this dry completely. 

3. Third, she painted the outside with the color (yellow, green, or pink) 

4. Forth, used chalk to letter the sign (it wipes off really easy if you mess up) then used a fine tip paint brush and black paint to trace over the chalk. She let all of this dry completely. 

5. Last, she stained the boards. She used a light color of stain and a rag (she put tons of stain on initially so it could cover the whole thing and then wiped it off until she liked the way it looked.)


And they turned out adorable. Don't you think?

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