Tuesday, June 21, 2011

˚challenge˚ Plant Something

Oh how I love garden tomatoes. If I only had a plot of land that would work, I would plant hundreds of tomato plants (okay...maybe not hundreds) and eat them all day long (this is true). Instead, (with our blessed apartment living/no garden plot place) we decided to plant a few tomato plants in pots, along with some basil.

I feel like a little kid when I water them everyday. Something about helping things grow just makes me happy.

Hopefully our little collection will grow, but first we need to procure some more pots.

So the challenge is to plant something and watch it grow. Vegetables, flowers, grass. Just something. 
And enjoy it!


  1. Kate, I LOVE you blog...and I can't wait to see how it changes once you have kids! Coming from someone who biked for a year pregnant with two kids attached on a bike hitch, someone who hangs her clothes out to dry and loves deals almost as much as you do. I wish you were ahead of me so i could see your tricks in lieu of kids. For instance this post would probably say something about how you masterfully got the pots up high so the kids wouldn't uproot them without over sunning them...the blog has potential...perhaps even without kids you could think from that perspective and probably get a lot more followers. Just an idea- most moms are desperate for advice that is time/$/ energy saving

  2. Eisha,

    Good advice! With no kids, it is difficult to imagine just what my life would be like if I did have them. As far as planting, if I had kids that were the age of your kids, I would probably let them grow the plants themselves. I think kids enjoy the magic of seeing their little seed transform into something bigger! And regarding the followers...right now, this is just a little hobby. If we get too big, this blog will be a form of stress rather than fun...and nobody needs more stress in their life! Thanks for the feedback! I do love comments!


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