Wednesday, April 6, 2011

˚budgeting series-part 6˚ Spending Less Than You Make

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How did assigning dollar amounts go last week in this post?

Now that you have an income total and a list of categories with the dollar amounts you spend in each one, we are going to find out if you will spend less than you make. If not, we will just make a few adjustments

First, add up the total dollar amount you will spend according to your budget. Now, compare that number to the total income you make. Find out what the difference is. Hopefully, you make more than you spend. If not, go back to each category and adjust the numbers (you might have to do a little sacrificing here) to make your income equal or greater than the amount you spend. 

Clear as mud?
Next week we will make our budget look pretty, and start tracking our expenses. See you then!

*Update: click here to see part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 7, and part 8.

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