Saturday, March 19, 2011

˚organizational challenge˚ The Never Ending Paperwork

Let's be honest. Paperwork is a doozy. It's never ending and annoying. But, when it is organized, life is so much better. Mr. Candid used to make fun of the fact that we had a filing cabinet. Now, when he asks where something is, he just smiles when I tell him to check the filing cabinet. 

I have recently found the best method of filing for us, but every once in awhile I have to doctor it a bit. 

Here is the before: (Not too bad right?)

Here's the action: (this is definitely a project for nap time if you have little ones)

And after:

A couple tips: 

If you have a lot of receipts or information regarding a specific topic, use labeled envelopes so that all of the info is easily accessible in one place: 

I like to have broad categories for the larger green file folders, and then subcategories for the manila folders. I have a "spending folder"...

That contains manila folders labeled important receipts, budget sheets, and coupons.

You will need to have a few folders for your taxes (I think you need to keep 7 years worth):

And a miscellaneous folder is okay, as long as you actually know what is in it:

 Don't let the bottom of your manila folders look like this. It makes all of your papers stick up over the labels. 

Instead, use the little folds at the bottom to flatten them out like this:

And lastly, get rid of as much junk as you can! You might be surprised at what you saved that you thought you needed. Be sure to shred the docs with important info on them. 

And when you are done and the Mr. asks you where something is, you might get a little smile out of him when you say, "In the filing cabinet". 

Happy Organizing!

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