Friday, February 25, 2011

˚laundry tip˚ Whiter Whites

Around these parts, our whites tend to turn yellow. That might be because we have owned the same clothing for years (don't judge). Regardless, do you want a trick for getting those yellowed whites to be a little brighter? you go!

You'll need:
1/2 c. dry clorox 2
1/2 c. dishwasher powder (granules)

Place your clothes in the washing machine basket (is that what they are called?) and fill with HOT water. Add the clorox and dishwasher powder and run the cycle for about 1 minute (just to mix the everything together). Let your clothes sit in the water overnight. Run a normal cycle the next day.

Enjoy your whiter whites!


  1. Hey I love your new blog! I will be a follower! And your button will be on mine! On a laundry note, I just heard there is this stuff at wal-mart called "blue" or something like that, and you pour it into your whites and wash them and it's suppose to work wonders. Just in case you are the person who only has liquid dish soap at your house. :) I'm excited to see what you're going to post next!

  2. Rachel,

    I have heard of that too, but I have never tried it. I might have to see if it works better than my method!

  3. What a great idea--question though: I know that they banned phosphates from laundry detergent a while back but hadn't from dishwashing soap--which may have been the secret to this trick. Now they've banned it from both. Do you think it will still work?

  4. Good question. I am not sure. I did this before they banned phosphates. I will have to try it again and see.


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