Friday, October 21, 2011

˚tutorial˚ Fall Wreath

Have you made a fall wreath yet this year? It's not too late. All the extras on this one are made of felt. Everything for this baby came from my crafting stash.

 Start with a wreath form and hot glue large chunks of raffia onto it until it's covered. 

Next, glue long chunks of raffia around 1/3 of the wreath. 

Trim the strands so they are all the same length.

 It should look like this from the front.

Now for the extras....

To make the sunflower, cut three different sizes of triangles. You will need about 7 or 8 of each size. Here are my two largest triangles.

Now place a small amount of glue in the middle of the triangle. 

Fold one of the edges over like this...

Add glue on top of that flap...

And fold the other edge in.

Do this for all of your triangles.

Cut a circle out of felt. We will glue our petals onto this. Before I started gluing, I set the triangles on top of the circle to make sure I had a good amount of petals. 

Using a glue gun, start with the largest petals and attach them around the circle.

Now add the second layer...

And the third...

To fill in the center, I used a large brown button.

And a view from the back...

Now for the red flower.

The petals here are circles. 

Fold them in half and secure with a little bit of glue. 
(Notice--they don't have to be perfect circles)

Add glue to the bottom... 

And fold the edges into the center.

Attach the petals around the edges of the circle.

For the center of this flower, I rolled a long strand of brown felt and secured the end.

Since I needed a little more color, I added a few more details.
I cut a triangle out of orange felt and rolled it up.

Secure the end with glue.

For the green petals, I cut out a rounded rectangle...

And folded it like this...

See it from the top?

Then I smashed it in on itself and glued it together.

Once I finished all the felt pieces, I arranged them and glued them on.

Last, I turned it over and trimmed the extra raffia from the inside edge.

And then I cleaned up the mess I made.



  1. Everyone who has come to my house mentions they love the wreath. We love it too! Thank you Katie!


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