Thursday, July 21, 2011

˚organizational tip˚ Throw Blankets

(Did you see the giveaway here? If not, make sure you enter. You better hurry though. It closes tomorrow at midnight. I hope you win!)

There is nothing like grabbing a cuddly blanket to hang out with on the couch. Read a good book. Talk to your kids or spouse. Watch a movie. Believe me, the possibilities are endless.


If your house is anything like ours, these blankets often get left out and about. 

Instead of worrying about a carefully organized linen closet, we keep a hamper next to the couch where such culprits can be easily stuffed inside, or pulled out in a hurry. (Especially critical for fort building on a whim.)

It makes cleanup simple and stress free (not to mention a linen closet that is still carefully organized...if you even have one).

Did I just say simple and stress free cleaning? I sure did. Go grab yourself a good looking hamper and stuff those fort-building blankets inside.

And check out the giveaway....who doesn't love free stuff?

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