Monday, April 18, 2011

˚sewing tip˚ Fabric is SO Expensive!

I love to sew. (Pretty sure you all know that). But fabric can be sooooooo expensive. 

So, I have to find creative ways to decrease the price of some of my projects. I thought I would share two tips to make sewing a little bit cheaper.

1. Did you know that Joann's will accept competitors coupons? Multiple in the same transaction? Whenever  I go I try to bring a Joann's coupon, a Micheal's coupon, and a Hobby Lobby coupon. They will take all three in one transaction. Just make sure the coupons have valid dates. All of the stipulations still apply (exclusions for sale items, etc.) but they will take them. Ah....I love saving money. 

2. Last Christmas, I got a request for a lot of homemade items. As I was browsing the clearance items at Kohl's I ran across this shirt. 

I loved the fabric, but the shirt wasn't my favorite. The price: less than $3. Plus, I had a coupon. The great thing about Kohls is that they let you use coupons on their clearance section.

So I bought two shirts and after some unpicking and resewing, I came up with a cute skirt that my sister loved. Price of the gift: about $5.50.

So when I look at really cheap clothes, I don't only look for items that will fit me, I also look for fabric.

Another example: this shirt was a favorite of my sisters until it didn't fit anymore. 

After a little reworking, I turned it into a scarf. My sisters loved this. The cost: free!

I made another sister (I have four) a hat made from an old sweater and a button I already had. Totally cute and free!

So just remember...sewing doesn't have to be expensive!

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