Tuesday, March 29, 2011

˚organizational tip˚ Winter Blankets

In the winter, do your beds ever have piles of quilts on them like this?

Mine do! So here in Texas, it is warming up quite a bit. We no longer need all the layers on the bed. But, where should one (with limited storage space in an apartment) stash the excess quilts? Well, here are two places I have used that work just great. 

First, we like to put our down comforter in between our mattress and our box springs. And with the help of another person, it is not hard at all. Just lift the mattress up and slide the quilt in on top of the box springs. Make sure it is laying flat and replace the mattress. 

Need a different option? The first couch we owned was free, and about 15 years old. After being loved for that long it sort of swallowed anyone that sat in it. We removed the cushions and laid out our extra blankets nice and flat. After a few days, the blankets were smashed under there nice and flat. Not only did it add a little lift to our couch, it also hid our extra blankets. We just kept adding more and they flattened out. Eventually, we had quite a few under there. 

Happy blanket hiding!

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