Monday, March 14, 2011

˚excuses˚ A Sneak Peak

Do you ever have those times in your life where you have to drop everything and work on something special for a little bit? I do. That explains my absence. It is a sad story, but that will come later. This weekend I have been working hard on a little project for someone experiencing a lot of pain in their life. I am hoping to be done in just a few days. Want a sneak peak? Here you go:

(Don't mind the weird coloring. Flash pictures at night never turn out well.)

On a lighter note, I have some great things for you this week. Finally, the soup that goes wonderfully well with this Salsa Recipe. And I wouldn't want to forget about our Budgeting Series of course. (Did you complete the challenge? Have you convinced yourself and told your significant other/husband/wife about doing a budget like you read about here?) And how about another challenge like this one here? This time it will be more along the organizational line. Stay tuned this week and I will make up my hiatus for you!

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