Monday, March 7, 2011

˚dejunk challenge˚ Just Five Things

I live in an apartment that is about 825 square feet. It is worlds larger than our previous 500 sq. foot apartment. But regardless of the size of your abode, dejunking can always be done. Trust me. One easy way to make your house/apartment/tent feel larger is to decrease the amount of (excuse my French) CRAP that you have. So, the challenge this week:

Find 5 things that you can donate/sell/trash/giveaway.  

Want to know what I found? 
1. An old snowflake candlestick holder that hasn't seen a candle in about a year. 
2. A Christmas tree skirt that I will never use.
3. A wood Santa that was painted by my sister-in-law when she was probably 7. (Don't worry, I know she won't be offended because she is the one that suggested that it needed to go.)
4. The cover to an amp that we don't even own.
5. Three textbooks

So go find five things that you don't need, and get rid of them!
Then let me know what you got rid of.

Happy Dejunking!

1 comment:

  1. What? You threw that away?? I can't took you that long!! I took the challenge and here is what I have thrown:
    1. Some outdated pamphlets from our bookshelf
    2. about 20 old videos we will never watch
    3. some really old stretchy pants from college
    4. a decorated letter B
    5. a bag of broken toys
    My house already feels cleaner!! Thanks!


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